Under utilization of post natal services

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Postnatal care is a service rendered to a mother and a child (new born) from birth to 42 days with an aim of reducing morbidity and mortality. About 3-4 million new born dies within the first week of life. The risk of death is highest in the developing world (WHO 2006).The postnatal period is a vulnerable time for both mothers and newborn. 61% of maternal deaths occur during the first week after birth and nearly half of those take place during the first day after delivery (population data sheet 2003).A cross sectional descriptive study was carried out in Rubaya sub-county to establish the magnitude and factors influencing low utilization of post natal care services. Data was collected from 140 respondents. The study findings revealed that 72% of the respondents were knowledgeable but only 25% utilized the services. It was also discovered that the hindering factors were: Distance, education, occupation and economic status. Conclusively, information education and communication, advocacy on education for all and continuous updating /training of health workers would be reliable strategies to improve the situation


Mugisha Charles Dickens was born 8th August 1967.He attended Mbarara high school before joining Fort portal medical school for a Diploma in clinical medicine and community health. He also holds a diploma in health administration, Bachelors degree of social work and social administration and a Masters degree of public health all from U.C.U, Mukono